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Viral Culture

Uses and Pitfalls


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Suggested Tests for Viral Identification

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April 2012

I’d like to now say a word about some other types of specimens. Specifically, bone marrow, blood, and lymph node are specimens from which viruses are rarely identified by culture, and PCR is almost always the test of choice for viral identification. This may include quantitative PCR on whole blood or plasma for viruses such as EBV, CMV, BKV, HHV-6, and adenovirus. Urine is another specimen that rarely yields virus in culture and PCR is typically the test of choice. It is used for detection of BK virus, adenovirus, CMV, and other viruses. In some situations, culture might also be used for detection of mumps virus and adenovirus. And of course, in all of these settings, tests for other organisms such as bacteria and fungi should be considered as appropriate.

Suggested Tests for Viral Identification


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