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Viral Culture

Uses and Pitfalls

Suggested Tests for Viral Identification

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April 2012

Another common scenario is when a patient presents with a dermal or genital lesion that is suspicious for infection with HSV or VZV. Because VZV grows poorly in culture, the optimal tests in this setting are PCR for both HSV and VZV. An important caveat is that viral culture would be required is HSV resistance to acyclovir is suspected. In this case, HSV would need to be grown in cell culture prior to undergoing susceptibility testing. Another unique setting is the neonate with potential exposure to HSV during delivery. In this case, HSV PCR or viral culture would be appropriate, and some experts prefer culture over PCR because this would indicate that the virus is viable and not just consist of residual viral DNA from the mother.

Suggested Tests for Viral Identification


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