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Viral Culture

Uses and Pitfalls


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Suggested Tests for Viral Identification

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April 2012

So let’s now go over some common scenarios where viruses are suspected and the suggested tests for detecting them. One such scenario is influenza like illness in a patient for whom treatment will be given. In this setting, the test of choice is a multiplex PCR assay test for influenza A, influenza B, and RSV. In immunocompromised hosts, a larger panel of viruses may be desired, in which case additional PCR tests for Adenovirus, CMV, HSV, Parainfluenza and Rhinovirus may be desired. In this setting, viral culture may also be useful because it is a relatively affordable test that will detect most of these viruses. Again, the important limitation of viral culture in this setting is the long turn-around-time of 2 weeks or more.

Suggested Tests for Viral Identification


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