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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 4

Safety (Continued)

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March 2012

Another thing is that when you are working in the laboratory, you have to consider the endemic organisms, like Coccidioides or Histoplasma, might be one of the things that you are going to see despite the fact you don’t live in an area where it happens to be because patients travel from one area to another and they are apt to come from an area where it is endemic to where you are. Let’s say that you have a person who picked up Histoplasma in Florida and you happen to live in Washington and you don’t happen to see Histoplasma in Washington state. Well, the patient comes back home to Washington, the Histoplasma is in your laboratory, you need to be able to recognize it. In your lab you need to perform a risk assessment to make sure that you are working safely in there. You need to develop a biosafety plan for spills in case something is dropped. And when you are teaching in a teaching hospital you need to make plans for caution for teaching rounds because there have been laboratory-acquired infections that have occurred from teaching rounds and not handling the organisms correctly.

Safety (Continued)


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