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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 4


Slide 28

March 2012

So we need to all work together to do the best job that we can. One of the biggest problems is communication. A lot of times you don’t feel like you can pick up the phone and call somebody or take a slide up to see someone. Well, you need to learn to communicate better if you can. Within your own laboratory, you probably don’t have a problem. You can talk to people there without any difficulty at all, but when it comes to talking to somebody in another lab or in a reference laboratory, you have to take the initiative to pick up the phone and call them and say, “I need help. Can I send you a photograph? Can I tell you about this?” or whatever. It doesn’t make any difference who you have to call to get the help, just do it. In terms of calling physicians, I think you need to always feel free to call about patient results because they are interested in taking care of the patient and you are interested in trying to help get them the results that are going to make the patient be treated in the right way and to convalesce to get them home.



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