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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 4

Resources - Laboratories

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March 2012

There are times you can be a resource to not only the pathology, but to others in the clinical laboratory. And, for example, in the hematology laboratory where they read peripheral blood smears, bone marrow smears, CSF cell counts, they see fungi in those specimens. And you can tell them, your colleagues there. “Hey, I know what things look like in a clinical specimen, and if you have something you see in one of those, give me a call if you think it is a fungus and I will come and help you look at it.” In cytology, looking at pap smears for respiratory track secretions, you can actually see the organisms there and make an identification. Talk to your people in the Cytotechnology laboratory and tell them you can help them. And pathology again, you can tell them that "I would be willing to help you if I can to identify organisms that are found in tissue and body fluid."

Resources - Laboratories


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