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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 4

Scotch Tape Preparation

Slide 11

March 2012

We use what is called a Scotch tape preparation for identifying cultures in the laboratory more often than a wet mount. The reason for that is that it allows the spores to remain attached the way they are growing in the culture, so you can see how they are produced this way. Basically, what you do is you take a piece of transparent tape. You fold it over, the sticky side down. You touch it to the surface of the colony, preferably, in between the center and the periphery, and once you have done that you push down on there and you stretch it out and put it on a slide that contains a drop of lactophenol aniline blue like this. If you use the right kind of tape, you can actually look right down through the tape and be able to look at the morphologic features and you will see the spores produced just as they were growing in the culture like you see this.

Scotch Tape Preparation


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