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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 3

Mitey Big Problem

Slide 21

February 2012

There is a problem that you run into sometimes, a mitey big problem. And you can see that these happen to be media mites. Media mites get into cultures and they can contaminate 1 plate from another. I often joke and say, “You know how you can tell if you have mites in your cultures? You look for their tracks.” And you can see there are tracks as they walk through a culture. It is interesting some of these mites have a preference for which organism they like to eat. In our laboratory, that happens to be Penicillium, and they will walk through a colony of Penicillium, and they will walk around the culture plate, and you can see later where they’ve walked. You will see tiny colonies appearing as they walked around. So that is another reason that they are in sealed bags.

Mitey Big Problem


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