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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 3

Incubation of Cultures

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February 2012

The incubation of cultures–fungal cultures pretty much grow best at 30 degrees centigrade. And that is what we recommend as a temperature for growth for trying to recover these organisms. The humidity needs to be high because otherwise the media will begin to dry out. We mentioned earlier the culture plates need to be about 40 mL in volume, and once something grows, the plates need to be taped. They need to be taped at the beginning of incubation to prevent the lids from coming off, preventing a spill. And, if you use tubes, you need to use a large bore tube, it gives you much more surface area for the slant and in the butt. When you inoculate the tube with clinical specimen you need to place it on its side so that the slant is facing up, horizontally. Allow that to sit for 30 to 45 minutes so that the specimen is allowed to soak into the agar and then the organism will grow without everything running to the bottom. Most places just simply don’t take the time to do this.

Incubation of Cultures


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