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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part 3

Use of Culture Dishes: Advantages and Disadvantages

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February 2012

You notice that what we have shown before have been culture dishes and there certainly are advantages and disadvantages to using these. In laboratories with little experience, this is probably not a very good idea; it is a risky situation to use culture plates. But in a laboratory that does a moderate to great volume of fungal cultures, these culture plates allow you to have a large surface area for the isolation of colonies. It provides good aeration of colonies. It is certainly easier to make a microscopic mount by just simply opening up a culture dish and making the mount. One of the problems is it is easy to get these plates contaminated. An open system is less safe to handle in the laboratory. And culture dishes are apt to dry out unless you use deep pour plates. Deep pour plates are meant to be like 40 mL of culture medium or more.

Advantages and Disadvantages


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