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Bacterial Identification by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry


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MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry Preparatory Extraction*

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February 2012

Using the Bruker system, some organisms may require preparatory extraction in order to generate spectra of sufficient quality to enable microbial identification. A general approach to extraction is shown. The isolate of interest is placed into a microcentrifuge tube with 70% ethanol, mixed, and centrifuged at 20,800 g. The supernatant is decanted and the pellet dried. 70% formic acid and acetonitrile are added and the mixture vortexed and centrifuged at 20,800 g for 2 minutes. The supernatant is deposited onto a target plate, dried and overlaid with matrix.

Mass Spectrometry Preparatory Extraction*


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