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Clopidogrel Platelet Function Tests

Caveats and Controversies


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How We Choose a Testing Method

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December 2011

With a wide variety of tests available for platelet function, a good place to start selection of a test methodology is to find out what test(s) are used most frequently in studies performed by the clinical service likely to utilize the testing at your facility. In our case this was the neurosurgery and neurology departments and the VerifyNow test was the most frequently quoted in their literature. Next you would like to see results of the test you are considering compared with the gold standard for testing, ideally with a favorable result. If such a study is not available, you might get the instrument on loan to do the study in-house if you have access to the gold standard test method. Finally, there are multiple practical issues that will influence you selection. FDA approval makes validation and billing easier. The turn around time, need for 24 hours testing and the need for point of care availability may be discussed with the departments utilizing the testing. The cost of reagents or cartridges as well as the original purchase price of the instrument may affect your selection. Contacting laboratories which are already utilizing this method can provide insight into problems or advantages to this method of testing.

How We Choose a Testing Method


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