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Clopidogrel Platelet Function Tests

Caveats and Controversies


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Platelet Function Tests for the Detection of Clopidogrel Resistance1

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December 2011

This slide and the next slide contain the names of platelet function tests which can be used to test for clopidogrel resistance. Clopidogrel acts by irreversibly blocking the ADP receptor P2Y12 on platelets. The first group of tests measures change in direct response to ADP stimulus to determine the effect or lack of effect of clopidogrel on the platelets. The gold standard platelet function test currently is platelet aggregometry, also known as light transmission aggregometry or LTA. Multiplate whole blood aggregometry is a newer variation that can be done without centrifuging the blood and manipulating it to achieve platelet rich plasma. Flow cytometry can test for markers of activation on the platelet surfaces following exposure to ADP.  The VerifyNow assay from Accumetrics also detects whole blood platelet aggregation but uses optical detection rather than impedance.

Platelet Function Tests


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