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Optimal Utilization of Laboratory Testing

Roger's Adopter Categories Based on Degree of Innovativeness1

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November 2011

This is Roger's adopter categories based on the degree of innovativeness. I'd like to show you this slide for this reason, all of your medical staff will fit into 1 of these categories. They will either be innovators, 2 and a half percent or early adopters, 13 and a half percent. Most will be early majority or late majority in adopting tests and 16 percent will be laggards. I like to call them traditionalists. The innovators are going to be at the leading edge of advancing tests. Early adopters pick up these tests but notice that most will be somewhere between. What you need to be cognizant of is get the support or your innovators and early adopters. Also be aware of your traditionalists among your staff and ask them why they may oppose implementation of a new test. And I'll show you some hints on how to do that.

Roger's Adopter Categories


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