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Introduction to Clinical Mycology

Part One

Nonseptate Hyphae

Slide 29

November 2011

The image here is one of nonseptate hyphae. These are very large. They are not compartmentalized at all. When the laboratory processes something that is suspected to have one of these organisms that have nonseptate hyphae, if you grind it up like people do in the laboratory, that hyphal strand will pop open, all of the cytoplasm will leak out and it will die. So, what you have to do is be very careful. You end up having to not grind the culture up, instead you have to cut pieces of whatever it is, tissue or whatever it is, so that you can allow survival for this organism. These hyphae are nonseptate and occasionally they will have septations and we call them pauciseptate.

Nonseptate Hyphae


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