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The Classic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Optimizing Laboratory Testing for Hematologic Disorders Series

Roles of Other Assays in Classic MPN

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October 2011

What about other assays in the evaluation of the patient with a possible classic myeloproliferative neoplasm? Cytogenetic karyotype is considered as a standard of care in the workup of a patient with a MPN. And BCR-ABL1 studies, either by RT-PCR or by FISH, need to be done at diagnosis to exclude CML. However, FISH studies for myelodysplasia are not indicated and typically do not add anything beyond which can be obtained by cytogenetic karyotyping. Flow cytometric immunophenotyping is not indicated unless there is an increase in blasts or is suspicious for a concurrent diagnosis of malignant lymphoma and T- and B-cell gene rearrangement studies are also not indicated.

Roles of Other Assays in Classic MPN


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