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The Classic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Optimizing Laboratory Testing for Hematologic Disorders Series

Why Do We Have Test Utilization Issues?

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October 2011

So why do we have test utilization issues? First of all, laboratories typically do not provide sufficient guidance on how to use assays in hematologic diseases. Instead, it is frequently just a listing of available tests. I think we all realize that also, as new technology emerge, there can be a lack of understanding or certainly a lack of effort put forth to understand how these tests should be utilized in the context of other existing assays. Laboratories frequently do not have processes to either review test requests or to sequentially add or delete tests after initial results are determined. Laboratory information systems don’t make it easy for clinicians to efficiently order assays and get information. And finally, laboratory reports do not always transmit the intended information and often come across as just lists of results instead of a correlation and diagnosis based on all the results for that episode of care.

Why Do We Have Test Utilization Issues?


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