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The Classic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Optimizing Laboratory Testing for Hematologic Disorders Series

Example of a Recent MPN Referral

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October 2011

I do want to start off and give you an example of a recent bone marrow report that I saw from a patient who had been studied outside of Mayo Clinic that shows why I believe test utilization is such an important issue. This patient had a straight-forward diagnosis of a MPN that was consistent with essential thrombocythemia. When looking at the accompanying bone marrow report, one saw that a whole plethora of assays had been done prior to coming to Mayo, as shown in this slide. But yet, only 4 of these were clinically necessary and warranted in the workup of this patient, while most of the assays were unnecessary. This, I think, points out as an example the magnitude of the issues that we can see within a laboratory hematology practice.

Example of a Recent MPN Referral


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