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Fecal Occult Blood Testing

Which Test?

Fecal Occult Blood Tests Summary

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October 2011

In summary, clear indications for fecal blood testing include iron deficiency or anemia and colorectal cancer screening. For the indication of iron deficiency anemia, the HemoQuant test would be the procedure of choice. For colorectal cancer screening, it is our impression at the Mayo Clinic that the FIT test would be most suitable. It should be remembered that there are limitations of fecal blood testing with colorectal cancer screening and these should be understood, especially the poor detection of precursor lesions. Office use of fecal blood tests via digital rectal examination is of questionable value and should be discouraged. And now, my colleague, Dr. Saenger will discuss fecal blood tests and their availability through Mayo Medical Laboratories.

Fecal Occult Blood Tests Summary


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