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Fecal Occult Blood Testing

Which Test?

Fecal Blood Testing for Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

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October 2011

In the screening setting when fecal blood tests are compared against colonoscopy as the gold standard, both FIT and sensitive guaiac tests (such as HemoccultSENSA) do moderately well in detecting colorectal cancers. Detection rates can exceed 60%. However, the standard Hemoccult test detects cancer at much lower rates. It is important to emphasize that the FIT test achieved this sensitivity with just a single test per screen whereas the guaiac test did so with 3 tests per screen. All tests perform poorly in detecting advanced adenomas, which typically do not bleed, with sensitivities of 20% or less. Early stage cancer detection can reduce cancer mortality, but it requires detection of precancers in order to prevent cancer or reduce cancer incidence.

Fecal Blood Testing for CRC


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