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Phlebotomy Top Gun


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September 2011

Welcome to Mayo Medical Laboratories' Hot Topics. These presentations provide short discussions of current topics and may be helpful to you in your practice.

Our presenter for this program is Dr. Brad Karon, Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, and Medical Director of Laboratory Services in the Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Karon will discuss the most effective way to reduce blood culture contamination. Thank you, Dr. Karon.

Thank you, Sharon. For the past few years, I have given case-based presentations at our annual Mayo Clinic Phlebotomy conference and called these presentations “Phlebotomy Top Gun”. During the conference attendees are presented with a phlebotomy related situation or problem and asked to decide on the best course of action. I then present evidence and/or data related to each case and attendees then vote again on the best course of action at the end of each case. What follows today is one case from a previous phlebotomy conference.



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