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Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections

The Last Course

Coprinus cinereus

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September 2011

The next one shows you the inky caps that are started to get kind of frayed at the top and they would eventually fall over. And the spores are underneath the cap that you see on the top of that mushroom. That is the spore that entered this lady’s heart and grew in the mold form and formed hypae on her valve and caused endocarditis. Coprinus cinereus is a very common organism to see. And I looked in the literature to see if there were any cases of this and there have been a number of cases of Hormographiella aspergillata that have caused endocarditis and no one really knows how they occurred or anything and the thought is that perhaps the spore fell into the operating field while the surgery was going on and it could have been on the shoes of the person. If could have been anywhere. It could have been in the air handling system, whatever it happened to be.

Coprinus cinereus


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