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Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections

The Last Course

Case Study #1

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September 2011

The clinician was called and the patient was told he was on the correct therapy and to just to be followed up. While he was away, an antibody titer came back that was significant for positive result for sporothrix antibody. We know the cultures became positive after three days. And a follow-up telephone conversation with the person’s mother three weeks later, found that the patient’s lesions were slowly resolving and he was getting better. And he had not been seen again for follow up and remains well and the lesions have totally resolved. So that is the case for sporothichosis. It gives you an idea, that the laboratory may confirm diagnosis but the clinician made the diagnosis initially based on a thorough medical history. So it took the laboratory and the clinician to get the diagnosis absolutely defined.

Case Study #1


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