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Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections

The Last Course

Case Study #1

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September 2011

There was no axillary lymphadenopathy at that time at all and he was seen by a physician in Washington and the diagnosis of staphylococcal cellulitus was made and he was treated with some antibacterial antibiotic for staph infection and the lesions did not resolve.

He came back to Rochester, Minnesota for his sister’s wedding and went directly from the airport to St. Mary's Emergency Department. He was seen there by one of the staff and after taking a thorough history from him, he mentioned that he had a history of handling sphagnum moss because he was a forestry student. Well, the consultant that saw him in the emergency room knew there was an ongoing outbreak of sporotrichosis that was occurring throughout the country as a result of contaminated sphagnum moss from Wisconsin and so he suspected this but was not absolutely sure.

Case Study #1


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