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Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections

The Last Course

Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections: The Last Course

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September 2011

The laboratory diagnosis of Fungal Infections: The Last Course is a conference that we will put on here at Mayo Clinic November 16-18, 2011. It will be given here at Rochester, Minnesota. We have given this course over 26 times that I have counted and this is the last time it will be given. It is a course that is designed to introduce you to basic clinical mycology. It is to use case presentations to illustrate how we work between the clinical staff and the laboratory staff to pass the information along. It is also the course that is there to teach you how to select appropriate specimens, how to culture, how to identify organisms and how to do all of this within a rapid period of time so that relevant clinical information can be given to the clinical staff in as accurate fashion as possible. At the end of the presentation we will give you some information regarding the registration.

The Last Course


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