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Chromosomal Microarray Testing

In Patients with Development Delay, Autism or other Congenital Anomalies


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Providing Clinical Information

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September 2011

As part of our effort to contribute quality phenotypic data to the ISCA database, a standard clinical information form was created. Ideally this would be completed for all patients for whom microarray testing is ordered. This information allows the laboratory to provide the best clinical interpretation of test results and is critical for maximizing the utility of the ISCA database. It is available online at

While it is generally accepted that there is little to no risk to participating in the database, patients may opt-out without impacting their clinical testing by notifying the laboratory. This can be done at the time testing is ordered by indicating so on the order form or clinical information form, or by contacting the laboratory by phone or fax after testing is completed.

Providing Clinical Information


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