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Chromosomal Microarray Testing

In Patients with Development Delay, Autism or other Congenital Anomalies


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Pretest Counseling

Slide 12

September 2011

In the next few slides I would like to run through some basic components of a genetic counseling session involving pre- and post-test counseling around microarray testing.

Pretest counseling for microarray testing is quite complex and requires some time with a family to explain what the test is, why it is being ordered, and what the potential outcomes may be. An explanation of what testing can do is a good place to begin. Include a review of what chromosomes are, that people typically have 2 copies of each chromosome, and that we inherit 1 from each parent. Explain that sometimes people have missing or extra chromosomal material that impacts their development and that this is what the test is looking for. Using pictures is very helpful in this explanation.

Pretest Counseling


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