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The Role of the Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discovery of Anti-Citrulline Antibodies

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August 2011

As part of this investigation, several groups independently identified a novel antibody distinct from rheumatoid factor.

This antibody was originally characterized by indirect immunofluorescence using a variety of tissue substrates. One group named their finding “anti-perinuclear factor” because the antibody bound to perinuclear granules in human mucosal cells.

Another group named their finding “anti-keratin antibodies” due to the demonstration that the antibody bound to keratinized epithelial cells.

Ultimately, it was demonstrated that both antibodies recognized the same target antigen, which was a citrullinated form of filaggrin.

A third discovery was that of anti-Sa, which bound to placental or RA pannus tissue.

The target antigen of this antibody was discovered to be citrullinated vimentin.

Discovery of Anti-Citrulline Antibodies


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