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Use of Cystatin C to Assess Kidney Function


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Cystatin C: CKD Progression and Complications (MESA and CHS)5

Slide 23

August 2011

This slide shows data from close to 12,000 other participants in 2 studies designed to assess cardiovascular outcomes over time. Once again, the investigators also looked at predictors of kidney function in their cohorts. In this study an elevated cystatin C predicted all cause mortality and cardiovascular disease, while creatinine alone did not. Furthermore, an increase in cystatin C was a much stronger predictor of future kidney failure than creatinine alone. An increase in creatinine together with cystatin C markedly increased the risk of kidney failure, close to 24 times baseline. Taken together, both of these large studies suggest that cystatin C is particularly good at identifying persons at risk for progression of chronic kidney disease, as well as future cardiovascular events and even mortality.

CKD Progression and Complications5


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