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Use of Cystatin C to Assess Kidney Function


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Cystatin C eGFR Using Published Equation* Performs Well3

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August 2011

Since cystatin C production is not greatly influenced by patient demographics, equations to estimate GFR using cystatin C are simpler. Shown on this slide is 1 equation developed using the PETIA assay. Note that there are no variables for age, race, body size, or gender. Recently we evaluated 107 persons in the renal function lab who are having clinically indicated GFR measurements by iothalamate clearance. We also measured blood cystatin C and creatinine to calculate their estimated GFR. Shown here is the good comparison between measured GFR and cystatin C estimated GFR. In general, there is a very good correlation, without significant bias across the GFR range.

Cystatin C eGFR Using Published Equation*3


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