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Use of Cystatin C to Assess Kidney Function


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Cystatin C PENIA Assay Shift (19%)

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August 2011

Therefore, we pulled some older samples that had been run on the PENIA in 2000 and stored at -70 degrees since. Surprisingly, they were 19% lower when rerun on the PENIA in 2010. Therefore, there appears to have been assay drift in the commonly used PENIA platform between 2000 and 2010. Importantly, recent publications have reported a similar shift in values using the same nephelometric assay for cystatin C in other laboratories.  The standardization of the new turbidometric assay to an international cystatin C reference material is a major advantage, and should prevent similar drift in values over time.

Cystatin C PENIA Assay Shift (19%)


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