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Use of Cystatin C to Assess Kidney Function


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Mayo Renal Laboratory Cystatin C By Particle Enhanced Turbidometric Immunoassay (PETIA)

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August 2011

The Mayo Clinic renal laboratory has recently evaluated a new cystatin C assay.  It is a particle-enhanced turbidometric immunoassay, or PETIA, and can be run on a chemistry autoanalyzer. This confers certain lab advantages including high-capacity, quick turnaround time, and lower-cost compared to other platforms. Importantly, this assay is also standardized to a cystatin C international reference material. Our validation studies revealed very low within and between run coefficient of variations of 0.65-1.33%. The lower limit of quantification was 0.35 mg per liter, with an upper range of 6 mg per liter.

Cystatin C By PETIA


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