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Use of Cystatin C to Assess Kidney Function


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Revised eGFR Equation (ID-MS version)

Slide 12

August 2011

This slide shows the eGFR equation that was developed in the MDRD study, and is most commonly reported by lab information systems. The key demographic variables are age, gender, and race. Shown is the equation one would use for serum creatinines measured by an enzymatic creatinine assay that is traceable to isotope dilution- mass spectrometry standards. There is a slightly different equation that would be applied if a lab was using certain Jaffe creatinine assays. Since the MDRD eGFR equation does not perform well in persons with normal kidney function, most labs do not report an actual number unless it is less than 60 mL per minute per 1.73 m2. Furthermore, the lab often does not have information regarding a person’s race. Therefore, most labs report 2 numbers: 1 for African Americans and 1 for non-African Americans. Finally, the MDRD equation has not yet been validated for persons over 70 years old, and therefore many labs do not report any eGFR results for older individuals.

Revised eGFR Equation (ID-MS version)


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