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Zygomycosis and the Joplin Tornado


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Large Pauciseptate Hyphae—Calcofluor White

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July 2011

This is calcofluor white stain that we use for looking at clinical specimens underneath the microscope for direct exam. And this happens to be hyphae of a zygomycetes fluorescing blue-white with calcofluor white. Calcofluor white is a fluorescent brightener that is found in textiles to make them whiter. And someone found out that when combined with fungi and under fluorescent microscopy will fluoresce this color or another color depending on the filters that you use but in this situation, you can see the hyphae that are very long and they branch at right angles and not at forty five degree angles and there may be a few septations in there but predominately it is non-septate.

Calcofluor White


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