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Zygomycosis and the Joplin Tornado


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Lichtheimia (Absidia) Species

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July 2011

Lichtheimia (Absidia) produces rhizoids and it produces them in a different way. And this is what we mentioned before is that the rhizoids if they are there help us to identify the genus. If you notice on this illustration, on the larger one, you will see the two sporangia on the top of the sporangiophore and if you follow it down to the bottom, you will notice that the rhizoids at the left are very far apart from the sporangiophore. They are produced away from the sporangiophore and that is what you see with Lichtheimia. Another thing that is shown here in the smaller illustration is that below this sporangium is a funnel-like structure called an apophysis and you see that with Lichtheimia.

Lichtheimia (Absidia) Species


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