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Zygomycosis and the Joplin Tornado


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Zygomycetes: Basic Structures

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July 2011

Zygomycetes have the basic structure which we mentioned and you can see them on this diagram so it will make it a little easier for us to recognize them in the illustrations that we are going to see. The large saclike structures are the sporangia. Within the sporangium would be the sporangiophore. And down below the sporangium in the sac like structure going toward the bottom is the supporting structure called the sporangiophore. And notice down below there are some root-like structures called rhizoids. These rhizoids anchor the culture to the substrate in which the organism is growing. They are not present with all cultures but they are used as a means for us to identify the genus of some of these organisms because we can characterize the fungi with the basis of whether or not they have rhizoids or if they do have them, how they are positioned. Another structure that is shown on here is the Columella. The Columella is a bulbous swelling that is inside the sporangium and you can see that sometimes if the sporangium has been ruptured. So we will look and see if we can find that as we go along here.

Zygomycetes: Basic Structures


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