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Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)
Part 3: VWF Activity Assay

A New von Willebrand Factor Activity Assay and Testing Algorithm

ROC Analysis of VWF:Lx/Ag and VWF:RCo/Ag for Detecting AVWA with Loss of HMWMs

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June 2011

We also performed the ROC curve analysis of VWF latex activity over antigen ratio to determine its optimal cutoff. It has area under the curve AUC of 0.97 which is significantly better that of the VWF ristocetin cofactor activity ratios. When sensitivity and specificity are equally weighted, the optimal cutoff of VWF latex activity over antigen ratio for detecting such an acquired VWF abnormality is 0.8, where both sensitivity and specificity are close to 90%.

ROC Analysis of VWF


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