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Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)
Part 3: VWF Activity Assay

A New von Willebrand Factor Activity Assay and Testing Algorithm

VWF Activity Assay by an A1 Domain Conformation-Sensitive Antibody6

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June 2011

This new assay employs a previously characterized monoclonal antibody that recognizes platelet glycoprotein 1b-binding epitope on the VWF A1 domain. Here is a 3 dimensional presentation of the botrocetin, VWF A1 domain and GPIb alpha. The arrow indicates the functional epitope that is specifically recognized by this antibody. Any conformation change at or around this epitope, particularly in type 2 von Willebrand disease, could affect antibody binding to this site.

Assay by Conformation-Sensitive Antibody6


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