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Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)
Part 2: NHLBI Diagnosis Guidelines

Laboratory Recommendations

VWD Profile

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May 2011

Mayo Medical Laboratories and the Mayo Special Coagulation Laboratory have recently modified the test content and algorithm for the von Willebrand profile (test #83099), formerly identified as Coagulation Consultation #554: VWD panel.

For the 3 initial VWD tests, an assay of VWF activity based on automated latex immunoassay (LIA) has replaced the VWF ristocetin cofactor assay for screening purposes – because it has been extensively validated as an improvement for screening purposes as well as for supplemental VWD testing. Samples found to have decreased VWF antigen or VWF activity (LIA), or an abnormal ratio of these results, are reflexively evaluated by performing VWF ristocetin cofactor assay as well as VWF multimer analysis, followed by an interpretation of the overall profile test results. In 2 related Mayo Medical Laboratories “Hot Topic” presentations on VWD and VWF, my colleagues, Drs. Dong Chen and Rajiv Pruthi, will further discuss this testing algorithm, especially focusing on the VWF activity assay and the VWF multimer analysis.

VWD Profile


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