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Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)
Part 2: NHLBI Diagnosis Guidelines

Laboratory Recommendations

Typical Patterns of Laboratory Test Results for VWD Diagnosis and Classification1

Slide 14

May 2011

This table, modified from the NHLBI VWD Guidelines, summarizes information from the previous slide (14), but in a different way and with some numerical values assigned.

The most commonly performed VWD tests are listed in the column headings across the top, and various types of VWD are listed in the left-hand column. The NHLBI VWD Guidelines expert panel recommended 30 IU/dL as the value, below which, VWD diagnosis can be definitely supported by laboratory testing results – especially for type 1 VWD (which lacks laboratory test result characteristics that clearly distinguish it from "mildly low VWF" or "possible type 1 VWD" [circled at the bottom left]). Other characteristic test results – that especially help distinguish among the various VWD subtypes – are also highlighted with circles.

Typical Patterns of Laboratory Test Results1


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