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Von Willebrand Disease (VWD)
Part 1: NHLBI Diagnosis Guidelines

Introduction & Clinical Assessment Recommendations

Overall Outcome / Results

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May 2011

The final NHLBI VWD Guidelines document cited about 400 selected references. It included sections on scientific background and overview, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, treatment and management, and opportunities and needs. The document has 17 Tables, 6 Figures, and 13 Evidence Tables (for Grade B recommendations with 2 or more published studies). There are approximately 54 evidence-based graded recommendations, for diagnosis or for management, but none are grade A recommendations (reflecting a paucity of evidence from randomized controlled trials). The evidence-based recommendations are approximately equally divided into those of grade B (based on published evidence at levels II and III) and grade C (mainly based on expert opinions at level IV). There are many additional "soft" (un-numbered) recommendations throughout the document, based primarily on expert opinions and/or limited evidence.

The NHLBI VWD Guidelines include a caveat that these guidelines and recommendations do not abrogate professional judgment in individual cases.

Overall Outcome / Results


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