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Circulating Tumor Cells and the CellSearch Assay


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Overall Survival in MCRC

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April 2011

Kaplan-Meier analyses were also performed to determine whether circulating tumor cell counts could predict overall survival. The graph on the left shows that when comparing the favorable and unfavorable groups, the median overall survival was shown to be significantly longer in the favorable group than in the unfavorable group (18.5 versus 9.4 months).

The graph on the right shows that metastatic colorectal cancer patients who exceed the threshold of 3 CTC at any point after the initiation of therapy had a much higher likelihood of dying sooner. Patients with =3 CTC at all time points had the shortest median overall survival. Patients with <3 CTC at all time points had the longest median overall survival. This chart also shows that patients who showed a decrease in CTC count had a significantly lower risk of death compared to those patients with an increase in CTC count.

This clinical trial led to FDA approval of the CellSearch system for use in metastatic colorectal cancer in 2007.

Overall Survival in MCRC


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