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Circulating Tumor Cells and the CellSearch Assay


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Progression-Free Survival in MCRC

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April 2011

The chart on the left is a Kaplan-Meier curve that was generated to evaluate progression-free survival between 2 patient cohorts based on baseline circulating tumor cell counts. The favorable group which consists of those patients with less than 3 circulating tumor cells had an n value of 305, while the unfavorable group which was those patients with greater than or equal to 3 circulating tumor cells had an n value of 108. The results of this study show that the favorable group had a median progression-free survival of 7.9 months compared to the unfavorable group's median progression-free survival of 4.5 months.

The chart on the right shows that metastatic colorectal cancer patients with =3 CTC at all time points had the shortest median progression-free survival, which was significantly different compared to the median progression-free survival of the other groups. One of the take home messages from this chart is that the difference in the median progression-free survival between those patients who showed a CTC reduction after the initiation of therapy was significantly longer compared to those patients who showed a CTC increase.

Progression-Free Survival in MCRC


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