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Circulating Tumor Cells and the CellSearch Assay


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The CellSearch System (Veridex LLC)

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April 2011

Before I get into the details of the system, I would just like to quickly go over a few key points about the system. The CellSearch System is manufactured by Veridex Corporation which is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. The CellSearch assay consists of 2 main components, the Autoprep which isolates the CTCs from the whole blood, and an analyzer that contains a fluorescent microscope which differentiates the CTCs from nonspecific cells and debris. This platform is the only FDA-approved platform for the capture, analysis, and enumeration of circulating tumor cells. The process, which will be explained in detail later, allows for the detection of as few as 1 CTC in 7.5 ml of blood. One thing that makes the CellSearch system stand out from other methods for capturing circulating tumor cells is the fact that the sample preparation has been automated and standardized. That process is made more robust by CTC images that are then reviewed by trained technologists.

The CellSearch System (Veridex LLC)


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