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Maternal Serum Screening

Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 and Neural Tube Defects

Mayo Medical Laboratories Maternal Serum Screening Options

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March 2011

To summarize this presentation, it is recommended that regardless of which test is offered for prenatal screening, information about the detection rate, false-positive rate, and the benefits and limitations of the test should be available to patients so they could make an informed decision. This table summarizes the options available for maternal screening through Mayo Medical Laboratories. A number of factors could influence which test is chosen including the woman’s preference. For example, if a woman wants to know her risk of having an affected child early in pregnancy, the best option will be first trimester screening which has a detection rate slightly higher than second trimester and results will be available early in the pregnancy. This option will also be best for patients that might not return to have the second blood draw necessary to complete the sequential screening.

 In contrast, for those women that present later in the pregnancy, second trimester screening using the 4 biochemical marker also know as QUAD screening is the best available maternal serum screening option.

If a patient wants to have a test with the highest detection rate, then sequential screening should be the test of choice as it provides a higher detection rate of all the screening options.

Maternal Serum Screening Options


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