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Fungal Molecular Diagnostics

Utility of Coccidioides PCR Testing in the Clinical Setting4

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February 2011

Since we now have several years of experience utilizing the Coccidioides real-time PCR assay, we have been able to do several studies evaluating the clinical utility of this approach. Two manuscripts have been recently accepted and are currently in press in the journal Mycopathologia. I have provided the reference information if you would like to learn more. In the first study, we reviewed the medical charts of 145 patients with suspected coccidiomycosis and found that the real-time PCR assay was superior to fungal culture for the diagnosis of pulmonary disease, but I should caution that the "n" was small for this study. The PCR assay was also found to be highly useful in rapidly ruling out coccidiomycosis with a greater than 99% negative predictive value.

PCR Testing in the Clinical Setting4


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