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Fungal Molecular Diagnostics

Potential Advantages of Direct Detection

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February 2011

Direct detection of Candida species from blood is obviously advantageous for the patient. Rapid identification of the 5 commonly encountered species should lead to improved patient safety by permitting the physician to select the most effective drug (for example, fluconazole versus an echinocandin) and to begin appropriate treatment as rapidly as possible, thus potentially decreasing the hospital length of stay. Decreasing the length of stay has an obvious impact on cost, but so does selecting the best drug even before traditional drug susceptibility results become available because the daily cost of fluconazole is much less than that of an echinocandin. Therefore, knowing that fluconazole should be effective within 2 to 3 hours of a positive blood culture can contribute to reduced healthcare costs.

Potential Advantages of Direct Detection


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