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Fungal Molecular Diagnostics

Potential Advantages of Fungal Molecular Diagnostics

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February 2011

The use of molecular diagnostics in the detection and identification of fungi is really in its infancy compared with other areas of microbiology such as virology and bacteriology. But molecular diagnostics offer mycologists many of the same advantages already enjoyed by our colleagues. One significant advantage is that molecular diagnostics are fast! Their use can shave days to weeks off of the time required to make a fungal identification. This, in turn, should lead to improved patient care by more rapidly providing clinicians with the information that they need to begin appropriate care and to select an appropriate antifungal agent. Further, the use of molecular diagnostics can contribute to improved safety for laboratory workers by reducing the need to manipulate growing cultures of particularly hazardous molds such as Coccidioides species.

Potential Advantages


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