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Common Test-Ordering Errors
Part 7: Overordered Microbiology Tests

Helicobacter pylori IgM
Stool Ova & Parasites

H pylori Diagnostic Algorithm

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October 2010

The basics of the approach are as follows—for patients with  worrisome symptoms (that is, tarry stools, bloody vomit, anemia, weight loss, and/or difficulty swallowing) the preferred first test is endoscopy. This is recommended because it is the best way to most accurately assess patients and not miss serious disorders.  For adults who do not have those symptoms, the preferred test is the urea breath test or the fecal antigen test. For children who do not have those symptoms, because the urea breath test can  be difficult to administer to children, the preferred first test is the fecal antigen test . In both age groups, IgG serology testing is an optional alternate testing choice, but IgM and IgA are not recommended..

H pylori Diagnostic Algorithm


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