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Common Mayo Medical Laboratories Test-Ordering Errors
Part 4: Overordered Tests

JAK2 on Blood and Bone Marrow
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Overordered Tests

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July 2010

In parts 1 through 3 we discussed the most commonly misordered tests, that is, tests ordered for the wrong purpose. With this presentation, we begin our discussion of overordered tests, those that we believe are ordered too frequently, including a few that we do not recommend doing at all. This is a list of the most frequently overordered tests that we receive at Mayo Medical Laboratories.

In this 4th part of the series, we will address the first 2 bullet items— testing multiple specimen types for the same genetic abnormality and thyroid function testing. My first example is requests for the same molecular test on both blood and bone marrow specimens on the same patient during the same episode of care. Since the bone marrow is the source of peripheral blood cells, when looking for a genetic abnormality in hematopoietic cells, one only need test either the blood or the bone marrow, not both.

Overordered Tests


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